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Self-piercing Riveting Machine

Self-piercing Riveting Machine

  • Product parameters
    No.:1Riveting Station Nos(PCS):2
    Busbar Specifications:Two-piece busbarRiveting method:Automatic
    Busbar length(mm):500-6000Adjustment method of riveted bus bars of different widths:Servo motor drive for screw mechanism
    Busbar width(mm):40-250Main movement:Rack and pinion servo motor drive
    Device Dimensions(mm):L18000*W780*H800Clamping & Positioning Mechanism:Pneumatic
    Main frame size(mm):L6000*W780*H800Productivity:3m/1.5min
    Subframe size(mm):L6000*W780*H800Power supply:AC 380-415V    50HZ
    Main material of equipment :

    1. Bracket: heavy-duty European standard aluminum profile;

    2. Riveting bracket: high-strength carbon steel.

    Gas source(Mpa):0-0.7

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