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Automatic Busbar Assembly Line

Automatic Busbar Assembly Line

Automatic assembly line is customized according to clients’ busbar type. It can achieve unmanned operation no matter the busbar is fixed by rivet or bolt. Currently the busbar type is mainly divided into two types: two-piece type and four-piece type. 

By automatic assembly and fixing, the automatic assembly machine will help to reduce manpower and improve the product quality and working efficiency. The working principle is to recognize the busbar type and adjust all the parameters in the machine automatically by scanning the bar code. By module interconnection among PLC, network, touch screen and IPC etc., automatic assembly machine can also achieve information communication with ERP, automatic inspection machine and other related machines.

  • Product parameters
  • Product Details
    Max. Busbar Height350mm(Single layer)
    Max. Busbar Length6000mm
    Position TypeUnilateral position/ Middle position
    Working EfficiencyAround 3000 mm/2 min
    Control Axis5 Axis 
    Control SystemNetwork control, Online maintenance (optional)
    Riveting Station Nos4 sets (Four-piece type)/2 sets (Two-piece type)
    Riveting TypeAutomatic riveting
    Power380~415VAC 50~60Hz 20kW
    Equipment Dimension:L25000mm*W2000mm*H19000mm

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