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  • Q: Is your machine suitable for all kinds of busbar?


    Normally our machine is suitable for one client. It can not match all kinds of busbar in the market. All machines are customized.

  • Q: How can we cooperate with your company?


    When client comes to us,we will have a technical enquiry on the products no matter it is busbar,switchgear box cabinet or cable tray.

    In the technical enquiry, the served product information is required including the product type, annual expected  sales meter,future product type if client has,the production procedure and etc. With the information,we will present a schematic diagram to client for confirmation.After the diagram is confirmed by client, we will present a formal offer to proceed the contract.

  • Q: What is the guarantee if we buy from you?


    All equipment ordered from us comes with a one-year warranty from the date of delivery. If any consumables are damaged under warranty and not due to mishandling, we will provide new parts free of charge.

  • Q: How is the after-sales service?


    Worry-free after sale, we can send our engineers to install or repair the machine locally at the right time, but customers need to pay for visas, round-trip air tickets and arrange hotel accommodation for our engineers.

  • Q: Our Advantages


    We know the busbar & switchgear cabinet workmanship, we can produce better and suitable equipments.

    We can provide the busbar accessories.

    We can provide life-time guarantee for our long term cooperation client(equipment and accessories are all from Kiande).

    We can provide the overseas service and the language is English.

  • Q: What is your machine?


    Our machine is mainly served for the manufacturer of busbar trunking system,switchgear cabinet equiment, cable tray and etc. It is used for producing and assembling all components to form a whole set of electrical panels. Also by our testing machine,  clients can achieve qualified  products up to 100%. After testing and packing, robot arm can help workers to transfer the qualified products to the finished area for dispatch.