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Technical Article

The requirements of CNC busbar processing machine for users


1. Strict safety education and implementation training will be carried out for the first operation staff of the CNC busbar processing machine.

2. It is necessary to select the staff who have a comprehensive understanding of the CNC busbar processing machine and the responsible and qualified person in charge, the daily work and responsibilities of the person in charge of the CNC busbar processing machine

1. Keep the keys of the electric control box and tool box to prevent potential safety hazards caused by misoperation of other employees.

2. Regularly check the safety devices of each unit of the CNC busbar processing machine. To prevent unnecessary danger.

3. Supervise the staff to replace and adjust the punching die, bending die, and shearing die of the equipment. To ensure the accuracy and safety of the equipment.

4. The person in charge should do a good job of inspection before the CNC busbar processing machine runs, and discover hidden safety hazards in the equipment in advance. Once the abnormality is confirmed, correct measures should be taken to eliminate the hidden hazards.

3. The person in charge of the CNC busbar processing machine shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment every six months. If the inspection result is not good, please carry out maintenance or contact our company in time to prevent accidents before they occur.

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