LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line

  • LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line Manufacturers, LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line Factory, Supply LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line
  • LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line Manufacturers, LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line Factory, Supply LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line
LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line
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LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line 

The LV switchgear drawer assembly line is mainly manufactured by double-speed chain. It carries out the streamlined operation that each drawer will be installed from the shell to the final offline. According to the standard working hours of each process to subdivide the work station, it will ultimately achieve the balance between the rhythm time of the in-between processes. After finishing production and testing of the drawer, this line can be matched with the stereo warehouse for out-of-warehouse management through bar code scanning.


LV Switchgear Drawer Assembly Line

Detailed Product Description

The switchgear production line is composed of assembly, testing and packaging lines.


1. Overview:

1.1 Length and hight of automatic production line: 50m and 3.8m

1.2 Switchgears suitable for production: 650/800/1000/1200 cabinet type with max. weight 2000kg

1.3 Daily yeild output: 12 pieces/8hours


2. Configuration:

2.1 The main assembly line adopts type of straight length with a RGV for transmission and work stations deployed beside two sides of the straight line.

2.2 FAT area is set at the end of the production line.


3. Production procedures:

3.1 Panel assembly-installation of meachnism parts & movable guide-earthing switch assembly-installation of mutual inductor-instrument cubicle

3.2 Secondary connection-panel installation-busbar installation-breaker into cabinet

3.3 facility and voltage withstand testing-final check of facility-FAT


4. Features:

4.1 Automatic motor-trolley is electrically driven by sliding contact;

4.2 Barcode localization enables accuracy, stability and self-verification of localization between work stations;

4.3 RGV adopts frequency control to make sure of the stable transimission.

4.4 Assembly line uses module design with flexible deployment.





Nos of Work Station

20个 20 pieces

 Nos of Work Plate

30个 30 pieces

Double-speed Chain

Two Layer 2.5 Times

Recovery Mode of Work Plate

Automatic ups and downs recovery

Testing Area


Size of Equipment


Suzhou Kiande Electric Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive scientific enterprise specialized in intelligent production and data analysis for electricity manufacturing field. Company’s head office is located in Suzhou(Paradise on earth) and manufacturing center is in Zhen Jiang(Chinese electricity island).It covers R&D dept, design dept., production dept., sales dept. and after-service dept. which improves to provide better programs for production efficiency, quality, cost and data.


Business scope: 

1.Specialized in automatic production equipment: 

Ø Mainly in busbar production equipment

Kiande is specialized in manufacturing and customizing busbar production machines including manual production line, semi-automatic production line, automatic production line, automatic inspection machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic mylar forming machine, automatic mylar slitting machine, profile cutting machine, busbar processing machine, gas hydraulic press machine, joint bar processing center, welding robot, elbow production machine, NC position fixture and other machines related to busbar processing .


Ø Mainly in switchgear cabinet production equipment

Kiande is specialized in manufacturing and customizing high/medium/low voltage switchgear cabinet production line, CT manipulator, drawer stereo storehouse, RGV trolley, switchgear cabinet housing reversal line and other machines which are related to switchgear cabinet processing.

2. Specialized in Imp.&Exp. busbar and equipment

To help client to import and export electrical products including high/low voltage switchgears, sandwich busbar trunking system, illumination busbar and rail busbar etc.

3. Specialized in busbar accessories:

Kiande can provide all accessories related to busbar including busbar joints, tap-off units, joint separator, insulation Mylar, profile casting capped end, copper pins for tap-off unit, plug, socket, tap-off unit outgoing sheath, double head bolt and temperature indicator etc. 

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