Insulated Copper Busbar Machine

  • Insulated Copper Busbar Machine Manufacturers, Insulated Copper Busbar Machine Factory, Supply Insulated Copper Busbar Machine
  • Insulated Copper Busbar Machine Manufacturers, Insulated Copper Busbar Machine Factory, Supply Insulated Copper Busbar Machine
Insulated Copper Busbar Machine
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Insulated Copper Busbar Machine

Busbar Accessories Insulation Separator, Barriers, Insulation Panel for Busbar Trunking Joint, Insulation Plate, Insulation separator

Installed in joint for insulation
Material: DMC
Size and color can be customized

Busbar machine copper processing
Need Kiande's busbar gas-hydraulic copper bar punching machine(This is one-time punching forming. In the market, some busbar manufacturer buys three-in-one busbar machine to bend and punch copper or aluminum bar. As the bar experiences many procedures, the accuracy is not good which will cause the phase distance too small to cause the short circuit.)

Busbar machine mylar sleeve processing machine polyester film forming machine
Need Kiande's mylar/polyester film forming machine. In the market, some busbar manufacturer requests workers to wrap the bar manually. Different workers have different workmanship. If employer meets the inexperienced workers, the wrapping part will have some gaps which will cause the short circuit.

Busbar machine busbar accessory 3M insulation film Conductor(Copper bar/Aluminum bar) end wrapping

Busbar machine busbar accessory Aluminum profile capped casting capped end

Busbar machine Busbar riveting machine

Busbar machine busbar inspection machine busbar testing machine

Busbar machine busbar packing machine busbar packaging machine

Busbar machine busbar accessory rivet the rivet is to connect the profiles instead of bolts more stable and strengthen

Busbar machine busbar accessory joint isolator

Semi-automatic Reversal Assembly Line
Busbar insulation barrier
1. Installed in joint for insulation
2. Material: DMC
3. Size and color can be customized

Suzhou Kiande Electric Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive scientific enterprise specialized in intelligent production and data analysis for electricity manufacturing field. Company’s head office is located in Suzhou(Paradise on earth) and manufacturing center is in Zhen Jiang(Chinese electricity island).It covers R&D dept, design dept., production dept., sales dept. and after-service dept. which improves to provide better programs for production efficiency, quality, cost and data.


Business scope: 

1.Specialized in automatic production equipment: 

Ø Mainly in busbar production equipment

Kiande is specialized in manufacturing and customizing busbar production machines including manual production line, semi-automatic production line, automatic production line, automatic inspection machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic mylar forming machine, automatic mylar slitting machine, profile cutting machine, busbar processing machine, gas hydraulic press machine, joint bar processing center, welding robot, elbow production machine, NC position fixture and other machines related to busbar processing .


Ø Mainly in switchgear cabinet production equipment

Kiande is specialized in manufacturing and customizing high/medium/low voltage switchgear cabinet production line, CT manipulator, drawer stereo storehouse, RGV trolley, switchgear cabinet housing reversal line and other machines which are related to switchgear cabinet processing.

2. Specialized in Imp.&Exp. busbar and equipment

To help client to import and export electrical products including high/low voltage switchgears, sandwich busbar trunking system, illumination busbar and rail busbar etc.

3. Specialized in busbar accessories:

Kiande can provide all accessories related to busbar including busbar joints, tap-off units, joint separator, insulation Mylar, profile casting capped end, copper pins for tap-off unit, plug, socket, tap-off unit outgoing sheath, double head bolt and temperature indicator etc. 


We are the company specialized in busbar machine.Busbar machine means busbar production machine or busbar processing machine including mylar sleeve forming machine, busbar assembly machine, busbar riveting machine, busbar testing & inspection machine, busbar packing machine and busbar conveying machine. If you want to know how we use the machine to assemble the busbar, please kindly get the referenced pictures as below.
Step 1 Prepare all busbar finished components
Step 2 Use related busbar machines to process the busbar 

All our products are customized.Please kindly contact us directly for further details.

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